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Recommendr is a job platform where professionals meet. Our referral-based recruitment solution aims to alter the way in which companies and candidates connect. We believe that the recruitment market is changing as the conventional methods used by many recruiters today are outdated and ineffective.

Instead, Recommendr focuses on the increasing power of networking and uses our online referral system as a primary tool to bring professionals and employers together. Talented people know one another and by rewarding our ‘Connectors’ for referring candidates to our jobs, we provide an incentive to all professionals to become a recruiter in their own network.

  • After multiple negative experiences with untrustworthy recruitment companies, we came in contact with Recommendr. Their service appealed to us because they make use of referrals in a very effective way. This resulted in our first hire within only three weeks! With Recommendr we feel like we finally have found the right partner to grow our team and attract the right people for our company!

    Jack Kuijper

  • Recommendr helped me to find a job within a week! Which is almost impossible as I am not a Dutch speaker. Diaz was friendly in his approach and professional to prepare me for the interview, the follow up was perfect.

    Adrien Herody

  • Recommendr helped me to find a new job opportunity. Transparency and honesty are key in Recommendr’s approach, which makes them incomparable with traditional recruitment agencies. The people at Recommendr are reliable and keep their promises, unlike the recruiters I’ve spoken to in the past. This is why I’m very content with their service!

    Jos Gerards

  • Recommendr offered proper guidance while searching for a new job. The person with whom I spoke was always genuinely interested in my progress and helped me in preparation of my interviews. Thanks to Recommendr, I now have a new job at a company I love. I’ll start as a consultant on the 1st of May!

    Alan Bondi

  • The guys at Recommendr understand our business, and truly understands what it means to work for a company like Storymail. They have been extremely responsive and resourceful in helping us identify some great candidates. We value an open and no-nonsense communication and made our first hire within the first two months.

  • I used the Recommendr platform in my search for anew challenge, and with success! After being Recommended to their network, the mediationprocedure was both high paced and fully transparent. The consultants reallytook the time to help me prepare for my interview which resulted in me singinga contract just a week after my first contact. Therefore, I would highly recommendusing Recommendr when looking for a new career opportunity. 

    Willem Rodenburg

  • I few weeks ago, I received a LinkedIn message ofone of the consultants of Recommendr. Someone in my personal network hadreferred me to a position at one of the partner companies of Recommendr, andwith success! After having discussed the position in more detail I wasintroduced to van Caem Europe and had my first interview within a few days, andmy contract within a few weeks! Recommendr helped change my sceptical point ofview regarding recruitment solutions as I got an awesome new job and my contactwas rewarded  for making the connection witha Recommendr-fee!

    Loek Giessen